Postmates - Food Delivery, Faster App Reviews

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Lied about delivery time. Deceptive pricing.

Whack service

I really dont like this app because no one ever wants to pick up my order and then they will tell me to check my email but never email me.

Poor Quality - Worse Customer Service

Not a fan of this delivery theory its great, however I have had multiple issues with orders (wrong items, missing items, cancelled orders 45 mins later, etc). Typically you can at least bank on the fact that the company will stand by their product/service and attempt to make-good. Not Postmates. Youll end up paying for their errors. Use another service - not worth the headache.

$20 Credit! - N L I R B X

NLIRBX - FREE $20 credit with promo code: NLIRBX - Postmates is my favorite!


ZVHUR FOR FREE DELIVERY!!! Code works have fun!


Very frustrated with them and theyre response to my problem. Never using them again. Uber eats is 100 times better

Super expensive delivery for super expensive food.

The app delivers overpriced food from overpriced restaurants with overpriced deliveries. The overpriced food is not prepared as well as when you eat it there in the actual restaurant. Postmates loves to double up the delivery fee. 99.9% of the time the order is wrong, late, cold and soggy. Always wrong or incorrect!!!!


Take a look at the UberEATS app and you see which one is better.

Postmates is terrible

Postmates is the worst. Ive used them multiple times in the past. And Im sure they will continue to steal my money in the future. But I hate this company. Never had a delivery in under 45 minutes....Ive never ordered from a place nor then 5 miles from my house. I really dont think its the drivers fault. Its the actually Postmates App themselves . Terrible company. Do not proceed to use Postmates. Of your blessed enough to have seamless web in your area. Use them! Save your hangry belly!!

Messed up order every time

This application is very unreliable and has many bugs in its algorithms. Ive been charged over double what I should have and had items missing with no reimbursement. I would not recommend this app to anyone.


Glitchy. The driver GPS feature isnt always accurate. Doesnt show all "plus" restaurants.

Great App

I love this app its very convenient


Okay Postamtes your great And all BUT i think YOU GUYS should add Honolulu to your list bra size Ive been waiting a long time for Postamtes to come to Hawaii and its still not here!!!!

Its ok

I ordered chipotle , everything I ordered was there . But I applied a promo code for $50 - for first time users that did NOT WORK . They also put a $30 hold on your card in order to get the food . Terrible .

Its Good Selection of Restaurants...But

Depending on the delivery person it can make or break the entire experience of it. Some are meticulous others not so much. Ive been using it about a year and overall its been reliable. Notes would be helpful and so would a better customer service protocol when an item is forgotten by the postmate yet still charged to the customers credit card.


Drivers accept and cancel the order. Waste of money

Horrible Experience- Do Not Use Them!!!

I tried 2 separate times to place an order one night for 4 people and it would not even match a driver with my order. It kept saying to try back again. Plus they charge a 9% service fee and $21 delivery fee! I will never be using this app or service again!

Cant wait til it expands to other locations

Used it in NYC to deliver Baked by Melissa to a friend same day after their 3PM deadline. Baked by Melissa should advertise this service on their site or start using this tbh I wouldnt have bought their product if PostMates didnt allow me to send it via their same day delivery service. Thanks again!

Great selection!!!!!

Great service. A little overpriced if you need something from more than a mile or 2 away but its always quick & they have fantastic customer service. App sometimes doesnt apply discounts tho :/

Just outstanding ...

Postmates is awesome.. want to know why? Simple. 1. I dont have to leave my desk. Literally. I just wish there was a way I could get the food delivered to the couch.

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